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  • Deer and cowboys americas wildlife painting

    River Crossing

    CAD $1,000
  • Painting of the Fraser River in BC.

    River Junction

    CAD $850
  • Giraffe in the Serengeti dawn

    Savannah at Sunrise

    CAD $750
  • African Serengeti landscape wildlife painting


    CAD $800
  • Painting of snow geese taking flight.

    Snow Geese Takes Flight

    CAD $1,000
  • Antelope chased by wolves painting

    The Pursuit

    CAD $1,000
  • Cougar stalking deer painting

    The Stalk

    CAD $1,000
  • Three lions African wildlife painting.

    Three Lions

    CAD $750
  • Tiger Licking Paw

    CAD $150
  • Painting of tiger and her cub.

    Tigress and Her Cub

    CAD $1,000
  • Bull elephant painting of a male elephant.

    Time to Back Away

    CAD $600
  • Wildlife painting of a bull moose.

    Time to Dig Those Paddles

    CAD $1,000
  • Thomson's gazelle painting of "Tommies" grazing the Serengeti.

    Tommies on the Serengeti

    CAD $600
  • Trekking in Nepal painting

    Trekking Nepal

    CAD $500
  • Two black rhinoceros African wildlife painting.

    Two Black Rhinoceros

    CAD $800
  • Two Waterbucks

    CAD $650

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