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  • African antelope painting of Kudus.

    Greater Kudu

    CAD $600
  • Grizzly and cub fishing for salmon in river painting.

    Grizzly by the River

    CAD $900
  • Grizzly bear & 2 cubs crossing river painting.

    Grizzly Crossing

    CAD $750
  • Hippopotamus painting of an hippo attacking an canoe.

    Hippo Problem

    CAD $800
  • Painting of early man, Homo Habilus.

    Homo Habilus, “Handy Man”

    CAD $750
  • Humpback whale painting

    Humpback Whale

    CAD $550
  • Husky looking over a rail painting.

    Husky Takes a Look

    CAD $1,000
  • Impala antelope painting of impalas leaping in the Serengenti.


    CAD $600
  • Impalas African wildlife


    CAD $850
  • Jaguar americas wildlife painting


    CAD $1,000
  • Kilimanjaro, Two Million Years Ago

    CAD $950
  • Birch and Alder trees in fall colours painting.

    Last Snows….

    CAD $850
  • Leopard painting

    Leopard in Bush

    CAD $900
  • Leopard in tree painting

    Leopard Watching

    CAD $350
  • Leopard painting of two leopards jumping.


    CAD $800
  • Lion zebra painting of a lion taking down a Zebra.

    Lion Kill

    CAD $450

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