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  • Cougar in Tree Painting

    Cougar in Tree

    CAD $800
  • Painting of pronghorns crossing the road.

    Crossing of Paths

    CAD $1,000
  • Elephant herd painting of elephants gathering at the water hole in Tarangire National Park.

    Dawn in Tarangire

    CAD $650
  • Deer in park painting

    Deer in the Forest

    CAD $900
  • Horse painting of wild horses going down the side of a mountain.

    Donna’s Horses

  • Zebra painting of zebras grazing on the Serengeti. 

    Dry Season

    CAD $800
  • African elephant family painting

    Elephants in Amboseli

    CAD $1,000
  • Giraffes painting of giraffes and gazelles in a flood at Okavango.

    Flood at the Okavango

    CAD $750
  • Antelopes African wildlife painting

    Follow the Grass

    CAD $1,000
  • Garry Park, Richmond BC

    Garry Park March, 2020

    CAD $800
  • African antelope painting of Kudus.

    Greater Kudu

    CAD $600
  • Hippopotamus painting of an hippo attacking an canoe.

    Hippo Problem

    CAD $800
  • Painting of early man, Homo Habilus.

    Homo Habilus, “Handy Man”

    CAD $750
  • Husky looking over a rail painting.

    Husky Takes a Look

    CAD $1,000
  • Impala antelope painting of impalas leaping in the Serengenti.


    CAD $600
  • Jaguar americas wildlife painting


    CAD $1,000

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