Pleistocene Days

CAD $700

If someone took all my clothing and left me, naked, with only a stone tool for a weapon, no water, no food on the Serengeti plain, how long would I last?  Maybe an hour.

Life for an early man, “Homo Erectus” was precarious.  Scavenger, gatherer, yes.  Hunter, maybe, sometimes.  Hunted, yes, all the time by predators with vastly greater strength and speed, endowed with crushing jaws, sabre teeth and ripping claws.

99.1W x 50.8H cm (39 x 20 in). Acrylic on canvas. Framed.

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Painting of leopard preying on early man, Homo Erectus during the Pleistocene Period.

99.1W x 50.8H cm (39 x 20 in). Acrylic on canvas. Framed.


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