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  • Elephant herd painting of elephants gathering at the water hole in Tarangire National Park.

    Dawn in Tarangire

    CAD $650
  • Zebra painting of zebras grazing on the Serengeti. 

    Dry Season

    CAD $800
  • Antelopes African wildlife painting.

    Follow the Grass

    CAD $1,000
  • Impala antelope painting of impalas leaping in the Serengenti.


    CAD $600
  • Painting of leopard stalking our ancestors, Homo Erectus, during the Pleistocene period.

    Pleistocene Days

    CAD $700
  • Giraffe in the Serengeti dawn

    Savannah at Sunrise

    CAD $750
  • African Serengeti landscape wildlife painting


    CAD $800
  • Thomson's gazelle painting of "Tommies" grazing the Serengeti.

    Tommies on the Serengeti

    CAD $600

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