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  • Antelope painting of Kobs crossing the river with hunter-gathers waiting.

    Ambush of the Kob

    CAD $600
  • Giraffes painting of giraffes and gazelles in a flood at Okavango.

    Flood at the Okavango

    CAD $750
  • Antelopes African wildlife painting.

    Follow the Grass

    CAD $1,000
  • African antelope painting of Kudus.

    Greater Kudu

    CAD $600
  • Impala antelope painting of impalas leaping in the Serengenti.


    CAD $600
  • Impalas African wildlife painting


    CAD $850
  • Sale!

    Namibian Sand Dunes

    Original price was: CAD $850.Current price is: CAD $700.
  • Two Waterbucks

    CAD $650
  • Waterbuck in forest painting

    Waterbuck in the Forest

    CAD $900

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