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  • Sold OutCottage on the lake painting of a cottage by the lake.

    A Cottage at Two Coves

    CAD $500
  • Sale Landscape painting of Alberta Badlands.

    Alberta Badlands

    CAD $850 CAD $650
  • Blackfoot buffalo painting.

    Blackfoot Buffalo Hunter

    CAD $500
  • Blackfoot First Nations hunting buffalo painting.

    Blackfoot Buffalo Hunters

    CAD $1,000
  • Cowboy herding cattle painting cowboys herding cattle.

    Bringing in the Strays

    CAD $850
  • Bighorn sheep painting

    Close Up

    CAD $1,000
  • Painting of pronghorns crossing the road.

    Crossing of Paths

    CAD $1,000
  • Sold OutHorse painting of wild horses going down the side of a mountain.

    Donna’s Horses

  • Painting of a Jaquar.


    CAD $1,000
  • Cowboy painting, cowboy comes across a Grizzly bear and her cub.

    Pivotal Moment

    CAD $950
  • Deer on river painting

    River Crossing

    CAD $1,000
  • Wolves chasing Elk painting.

    The Pursuit

    CAD $1,000
  • The Stalk

    CAD $1,000
  • Painting of a bull moose.

    Time to Dig Those Paddles

    CAD $1,000
  • Wild horse painting of a herd of horses.

    Wild Horses

    CAD $700

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