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  • 3 Zebras Drinking

    CAD $150
  • Elephants and lions painting of elephants and lions, together at the watering hole.

    Activity At the Water

    CAD $950
  • African savanah painting from Tarangire and across Savanah towards the mountains of Ngorongoro. 

    African Sunrise

    CAD $4,000
  • Antelope painting of Kobs crossing the river with hunter-gathers waiting.

    Ambush of the Kob

    CAD $600
  • African elephant painting of a bull elephant in the trees.

    Among the Trees

    CAD $750
  • Angry Lion

    CAD $150
  • Zebras drinking at the lake African Wildlife painting.

    At the River

    CAD $700
  • Rhinoceros painting of a rhinoceros charging early man back to the trees. 

    Back to the Trees

    CAD $750
  • African lions painting


    CAD $1,000
  • Buffalo & Egret

    CAD $150
  • Buffalo and two Oxpeckers

    CAD $150
  • African buffalo painting of African Cape Buffaloes.

    Buffalo on the Move

    CAD $600
  • Buffaloes Arrive

    CAD $850
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro

    CAD $650
  • Sale! Painting of unexpectedly meeting an African bull elephant

    Close Encounter

    CAD $700
  • Elephant herd painting of elephants gathering at the water hole in Tarangire National Park.

    Dawn in Tarangire

    CAD $650

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